Assessing motivational climates when training for Sport

Todd A. Gilson *, Jeong-Dae Lee ** and Martha E. Ewing ***

(*) Northern Illinois University, USA
(**) Miami University, USA
(***) Michigan State University, USA


A. Gilson, T., Lee, J., E. Ewing, M. (2011). Assessing motivational climates when training for Sport. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 42(4), 321-338.


Athletes recognize coaches as important in creating motivational climates (Pensgaard & Roberts, 2002); however, little is known about motivational climates athletes experience when training for sport. Therefore, the aim of this multi-experiment paper was to develop a questionnaire for this population. In Study 1, three distinct motivational climates were proposed. Complete data were collected from 203 university students and results revealed that while the three factor structure held, internal consistencies were less than desirable. In Study 2, modifications of the previous three motivational climates were completed and two new climates were put forth. Data were collected from 341 Division I and II collegiate athletes. Findings revealed all indices from this factor structure held, but internal consistencies were acceptable only when responses from females were examined. This study furthers the work of motivational climates by Seifriz et al. (1992) in an achievement arena related to, but unique from, sport.

Keywords: Confirmatory factor analysis, Multistudy report, Strength training