Safety in numbers: The relationship between team cohesion and self-presentation

Alison L. Divine, Krista J. Munroe-Chandler and Todd M. Loughead

University of Windsor, Canada


L. Divine, A., J. Munroe-Chandler, K., M. Loughead, T. (2016). Safety in numbers: The relationship between team cohesion and self-presentation. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 47(1), 26-42. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2016.47.026


Within team sport, cohesion is associated with group level outcomes such as team performance but also with beneficial individual outcomes, which may include reduced levels of anxiety associated with self-presentational concerns (Carron, Estabrooks, Horton, Prapavessis, & Hausenblas, 1999) inherent in sport competition (Leary, 1992). The purpose was to examine the relationship between perceptions of cohesion and self-presentational concerns. Competitive team sport athletes (N=163) completed measures of cohesion, self-presentational concerns and trait sport anxiety. Structural Equation Modeling determined that perceptions of cohesion (R= -.20) accounted for 4% of the variance of self-presentation in sport.

Keywords: Group membership, Individual outcomes, Social context, Team dynamics on Sport needs ot capitalized