A new multidimensional scale for measuring self-efficacy beliefs in volleyball

Marco Guicciardi, Daniela Fadda and Laura Delitala

Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy - University of Cagliari, Italy


Guicciardi, M., Fadda, D., Delitala, L. (2016). A new multidimensional scale for measuring self-efficacy beliefs in volleyball. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 47(1), 13-25. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2016.47.013


The study aims to verify the structural validity of a short self efficacy scale (Volleyball Multidimensional Self-Efficacy Scale; V-MSES) in elite and non-elite volleyball athletes. Based on Bandura’s recommendations, the V-MSES assesses the self-efficacy beliefs in technical/tactical and psychological skills through 13 items with 5-point response format. Confirmatory factor analyses conducted on a sample of 133 Italian athletes (64 males and 69 females), supported a four-factor structure (Technical/tactical skills, Regulation of emotions, Communication, Motivation to practice), that concur to the definition of a single latent construct of general self-efficacy at the second order level. V-MSES dimensions and total score were positively correlated with task orientation and they differentiate athletes based on level of competition: elite athletes showed higher values on all self-efficacy facets. In summary, our results confirmed V-MSES as useful instrument to measure self-efficacy in volleyball athletes.

Keywords: Confirmatory factor analysis, Self-efficacy, Volleyball