Body image dissatisfaction among 14-15 year old females in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rodrigo Marques *, Monique Assis **, Geraldo A Maranhao Neto ***, Fabiana Resende **** and Alexandre Palma ****

(*) Universidade Gama Filho; Post-Graduate Program in Exercise and Sports Sciences, Rio de Janerio, RJ, Brazil
(**) Centro Universitàrio Augusto Motta; Department of Psychoogy, Rio de Janerio, RJ, Brazil
(***) Universidade Salgado de Oliveira; Post-Graduate Program in Physical Activity Sciences, São Gonçalo, RJ, Brazil
(****) Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Post-Graduate Program in Physical Education, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil


Marques, R., Assis, M., A Maranhao Neto, G., Resende, F., Palma, A. (2014). Body image dissatisfaction among 14-15 year old females in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 45(1), 39-56. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2014.45.039


OBJECTIVE: To observe the prevalence of dissatisfaction relating to body image among 14-15 year old females in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study on a sample of 1,083 students between the ages of 14 and 15 years. To evaluate body image satisfaction, the BSQ (Body Shape Questionnaire) was used. RESULTS: Regarding satisfaction with body image, the HDI (Human Development Index) of the school neighborhood, and the home, and the BMI of the school region were statistically significant. For the desire to reduce or gain body weight, there was statistical significance for the following variables: practice and duration of physical activity, informed BMI, use of cigarettes and diuretics. When analyzing the informed BMI together with the desire for weight change, dissatisfaction with self-image was found in all the categories compared. CONCLUSION: Dissatisfaction with self-image may easily arise during adolescence and is associated with factors such as body weight, physical activity and use of diuretics.

Keywords: Adolescent, Body image, Dissatisfaction