Sportspersonship behaviours: An exploratory investigation of antecedents

Lucia Monacis *, Valeria De Palo ** and Maria Sinatra ***

(*) Department of Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Foggia, Italy
(**) Department of Philosophy, Education, and Psychology, University of Verona, Italy
(***) Department of Education, Psychology, and Communication, University of Bari, Italy


Monacis, L., De Palo, V., Sinatra, M. (2014). Sportspersonship behaviours: An exploratory investigation of antecedents. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 45(3), 231-245. doi:10.7352/IJSP.2014.45.231


The current study proposed a path model of sportspersonship using self-determined motivation as mediating variable and sport orientations as distal determinants. 166 competitive level athletes divided into two groups according to the type of sport (individual and team sports) completed a questionnaire composed of the following sections: socio-anagraphic data, Sport Orientation Questionnaire, Sport Motivation Scale, and Multidimensional Sport Orientation Scale. ANOVA analysis and path mediational model were applied. Results showed a main effect of gender and type of sports on sport orientations, and the indirect effects of sport orientations on sportspersonship, as well as the mediational role of self-determined sport motivation within this model. Additional research with a larger sample and other constructs will be needed in order to confirm, and possibly extend, the present findings. However, this study could be considered as a starting point for educational approaches especially for young sportspeople.

Keywords: Self-determined sport motivation, Sport orientation, Sportspersonship